Not Far

How many times have you been travelling somewhere in the car, with children, and before you’re anywhere near your destination they start asking, “Are we nearly there yet? Are we nearly there yet?”

Imagine how Mary felt travelling to Bethlehem while very heavily pregnant. Do you think she kept asking Joseph every few minutes, “Are we nearly there yet?”

Never having been pregnant I can’t give you any words of wisdom regarding how Mary might have felt during the last few hours of her pregnancy, as she travelled to Bethlehem. However I can tell you that based on the experiences of family and friends, I’m sure Mary would have been hoping her baby would be born soon, and there would be no complications.

But Mary’s pregnancy was no ordinary pregnancy as she was going to give birth to the Son of God! What an incredible responsibility she must have felt!

So by this time on the first Christmas, I’m sure Mary would have been delighted and relieved when Joseph told her there wasn’t far to go

Here’s a video of the song Not Far from Bethlehem performed here by Carol Gaddis & Joyful Noise:

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