The Gift of a Family

In yesterday’s blog post Family…Who Needs Them?! I spoke about how within our own families, many of us have at least one person we feel we can turn to for help and support in any situation. In addition also reminded you that there are many folk who do not have the option of turning to a family member because they are either estranged from them or have no family.

Today I’d like to think about those who have no biological family but who still consider themselves to have family either because they’ve been adopted, fostered or have been living with non family members and are considered to be “part of the family”.

Isn’t it amazing how people can take other’s children into their home and their life, and love and care for them, as if they were their own flesh and blood. I wonder how many children’s lives have been totally turned around because someone has given them an opportunity to be part of a family?

If you are considering fostering or adopting a child or children, thank you on behalf of every child that you give a home and a family toYou are their gift from God, just as much as they are your gift from God.

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