A Hero For Us

Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, Captain America, etc…

What have all these fictional characters have in common? Yes, they’re all superheroes.

When we watch a film or a TV show with superheroes, have you noticed how when they overcome the gangsters or villains, everyone is very happy and it makes us happy too.

Could it be that the world is simply looking for a real-life superhero?

We need not look very far for a real superhero, as when you consider the criteria which define a superhero, Jesus satisfies everyone of them. If anything, Jesus did more than any superhero could ever do, He was born of a virgin, died on a cross and then rose again.

But Jesus isn’t just a superhero, He’s a saviour and a friend…He’s my saviour and my friend, and He wants to be you saviour and friend too, and all you need to do is ask Him!

Never a Better Hero by Kenneth Cope
Making His home with the lonely
Spending His days with the poor
Bring hope to their hearts
Giving man a new start with
His cure But not all would receive of His offering
Some even planned His decease
Yet He couldn’t forsake
Those whose lives He might save
So He refused to leave
Never a better hero
Never a truer man
Hopin‘ to save us
By taking our pain in His hands
Never a greater compassion
Never a wasted day
Not one regret, true to the end
There was never a better way
Now He knew His life would be shortened
But never murmured a word of complaint
For He had in mind
A much greater design
And it helped Him through the pain
He gave men power to take Him
Knowing His death would bring life
And it was no surprise
There was love in His eyes when He died
But death was not the end
For He would live again
All that He did
Follow and live
There’ll be never a better way

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