Don’t Take Them For Granted #1


There are many people all over the world, children and adults, who do not consider themselves to have any friends. Then there are many who consider themselves to have friends, but those friendships are build purely on lies or control, and so are false friendships.

How those people crave for real friends – friends they can rely on in times of need; friends they can talk to when they need a listening ear; friends they can trust with the darkest secrets.

Therefore those of us who are lucky enough to have friends, true friends, don’t ever take them for granted – tell them what they mean to you, don’t just assume they know; love them and care for them as you would want them to love/care for you; be honest and trustworthy with them and don’t ever let them down.

In summary, don’t ever take your friends for granted, cherish and nurture them always.

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