My Aims 2012 – May Review

At the start of this year, I shared with you my aims for this year (Welcome to 2012) – not my new year resolutions, but what I aim to achieve this year. Then at the end of each month I’ve given you my monthly update on how I’m doing. So now it’s time for my May update:

  • Eat healthier
    • Not been the best of months between one thing and another…I was on holiday from work for just over a week and look Mum out for lunch, dinner or coffee every day…then I’ve been out for several meals with colleagues/friends from work due to some people taking on new roles or retiring.
  • Lose some weight
    • Not the best month as I have put back on a couple of pounds, mind you give all the eating out I’ve been doing, it’s not really any great surprise.
    • On the plus side, over the last month several people have commented that it was noticeable that I’ve lost weight, so that has to be a good sign!
    • because of the great warm weather we’ve had in the last week or so, I’ve been wearing my summer clothes again,and it was great to find they were no longer tight/too small for me, and were in fact, if anything, a little bit too big for me now!
  • Spend more time reading my bible
    • Been a slightly less successful month on this aim too this month.
  • Don’t let painrule my life
    • Still suffering a lot with pain these days, and sometimes it’s almost unbearable, but I’m still managing to force myself to keep going and not give into it, even though it maybe means my pain levels remain higher for longer
  • Get back to playing tennis as stopped playing in 2003 when I first wasn’t well
    • My target time for getting back to trying to play tennis again was Easter, and so for the last few weeks I’ve thought about going round to my tennis club if some of my friends were there…but none of them have been!
    • I know that just sounds like an excuse, but it is difficult to try and play tennis by yourself!
  • Put aside a minimum of 5 minutes each day to spend some quiet-time with God
    • Been another reasonably successful month with this, as I’ve made a point of trying to spend a minimum of 10 minutes “quiet-time” with God most days
  • Get back to playing the piano regularly as it’s been a while
    • Continuing not to make any progress with this one!
  • Go on holiday – we’ve not been away anywhere since 2002
    • Again, no progress on this one yet!
  • Keep on top of the housework (especially the ironing mountain!)
    • Been doing a bit more housework in the last couple of weeks, although there’s still loads of room for improvement, particularly in tackling the ironing mountain
  • More patience and understanding of others
    • I’ve said it before, but I must say it again, this is definitely one of my most challenging aims, as I definitely still need to be more patient!
    • More prayer for patience is still required!
  • Stop procrastinating
    • Continuing to do much better with this

So that’s my honest answers to how I’m getting on with my aims for 2012 – To summarise my progress to date…it’s continuing to go OK as, in general, I’m still heading in the right direction with most of my aims. However there are still some which I haven’t made any progress on to-date, so there’s still room for improvement in the coming months.

How about you, are you succeeding with your aims for 2012 so far?

Whatever your aims for this year, I pray you may be making progress in your aims for 2012, and that come the end of the year you will have achieved all God had planned for you this year!

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