Things That Make Me Happy #1

We all have particular things/events that make us happy – What makes you happy?

Here’s a few things that make me happy (in no particular order):

  1. Hearing a cat purring
  2. Hearing children laugh
  3. Watching a good comedy
  4. Serving an ace at tennis or hitting a fabulous winning shot
  5. An ice-cold drink on a warm day
  6. A cat rubbing against my legs
  7. Receiving a gift from someone unexpectedly
  8. Waking up at my usual time for work, and then realising it’s not a work day!
  9. The smell of fresh-baked bread
  10. Find clothes from last year that were too tight, now fit perfectly or are even a bit loose

Have any of these things made you smile or think of a similar situation that you were in?

If your answer is Yes, I’ve done my job and made you happy, just by talking about my “happy things”.

Keep thinking happy thoughts!

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