Talker or Listener?

When it comes to talking, we all do a lot of it don’t we! Having said that, some of us do far more talking than others. In fact some people who talk a lot don’t actually have very much to say, or is that just my imagination?

Have you noticed how when you’re in a group of people, some people talk all the time, while others stay quiet and just listen to what everyone else has to say, maybe just contributing to the overall conversation on the odd occasion.

So where am I going with this…well I think we all fall into the category of being either a talker or listener. Yes we all talk sometimes and yes, we all listen sometimes, but we are all more likely to do one rather than the other in more circumstances. So which are you, a talker or a listener?

Me, I’m definitely a listener…not that I don’t like talking, because like everyone else I like a good chat sometimes, however those of you who know me well will know I am generally a fairly quiet person, but person who is always willing to listen to and help others whenever I can.

God needs talkers and listeners as He needs people who can spread His message, but He also needs those who are good at listening to others and comforting or helping them. So don’t think just because you’re no good at talking to others about God that He doesn’t need you, because He does. Likewise, don’t think because you’re not great at listening to others, that you’re no good to God, because He needs you too.


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