My Aims 2012 – July Review

At the start of this year, I shared with you my aims for this year (Welcome to 2012) – not my new year resolutions, but what I aim to achieve this year. Then at the end of each month I’ve given you an update on how I’m doing. So here’s my July update:

  • Eat healthier
    • Pretty good again this month as on the whole I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and drinking a lot of water…I was nearly tempted a couple of times to have something really unhealthy at lunch time, but I managed to resist!
  • Lose some weight
    • Yay! I’ve lost pound. I know that’s not much but at least it’s still another loss.
    • I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the last few weeks as I’ve managed to fit back into a few outfits which had been a bit too tight for me, so I’m delighted!
  • Spend more time reading my bible
    • Started off quite well with this in the first part of the month, however since Dad went into hospital and have been visiting everyday I must admit that have just not had the energy to sit down and spend any quality time reading my bible.
    • I really need to organise myself better to read my bible at a point in the day before I become too tired…mind you some days I have no energy at the start of the day, nevermind by the end of it!
  • Don’t let pain rule my life
    • Still struggling quite a lot with pain levels this month. Mind you I’ve been so tired with all the running about I’ve been doing that it’s no surprise my pain levels haven’t improved, as I usually seem to need several days of doing absolutely nothing to potentially lessen my pain.
    • Having said all that, just because my pain levels have been very high has not meant I’ve given into them. Indeed it’s been the complete opposite, as I’ve had to support Mum through some difficult decisions regarding my Dad’s future, his subsequent admission to hospital because he wasn’t eating or drinking, Dad falling and breaking his hip while he was in hospital…and on top of that hubby not been too well either…
    • It been another very tough month again
  • Get back to playing tennis as stopped playing in 2003 when I first wasn’t well
    • Not managed this yet last month as life’s just been a bit too tough to bother about tennis
    • Also as my pain levels were still so high it really would have been daft to even think about attempting to try to play tennis while in so much pain.
  • Put aside a minimum of 5 minutes each day to spend some quiet-time with God
    • This month continued in the same vein as last month, in that while I managed to spend some quiet time with God, much of it was spent crying
    • As the month progressed and I had to deal/cope with various situations/events relating to my Dad (see above), I found myself spending no quiet time with God at all
    • My excuse? I was too tired! Pretty lame isn’t it, as if I really wanted to spend quiet time with God, I could have accommodated it, but I chose not to…
    • Having said that, this hasn’t stopped me from spending a lot of time crying, and feeling sorry for myself
    • I need to remind myself regularly that when things are bad, I need to turn to God rather than forget Him
  • Get back to playing the piano regularly as it’s been a while
    • Continuing not to make any progress with this one!
  • Go on holiday – we’ve not been away anywhere since 2002
    • Again, no progress on this one yet!
  • Keep on top of the housework (especially the ironing mountain!)
    • Still failing miserably at this one again.
    • As I’ve said, it’s been a tough few weeks physically and emotionally and that just means I’ve had to put things like housework on the back burner.
  • More patience and understanding of others
    • Failing miserably at this one this month – I think it’s all down to my high pain levels and how tired I am
    • I know these are just excuses on my part, so I definitely need to pray for patience!
  • Stop procrastinating
    • Doing ok with this one still as not really had any time to procrastinate!

So that’s my honest answers to how I’m getting on with my aims for 2012 – To summarise my progress to date…it’s continuing to go reasonably OK, although there are still some areas which need a lot of work. There’s still plenty of months to go in 2012, so I’ve still got time to achieve them all before the end of this year!

How about you, are you succeeding with your aims for 2012 so far?

Whatever your aims for this year, I pray you may be making progress in your aims for 2012, and that come the end of the year you will have achieved all God had planned for you this year!

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