Simply Say Nothing

If you’re anything like me you’ll have been in a situation many times when someone has said something,k and you’ve instantly responded without taking a minute to consider what you were going to say…and then after saying it, instantly regretting what you did say!

Maybe that’s why when I read the following quote the other week, I could really relate to it:

It often shows an excellent command of language to say nothing. — Unknown

I think the main reason I could relate to this statement is because I know for me, it’s something I should do more frequently! I need to think through what I’m about to say before I say it, to make sure I’m not going to annoy, upset or cause offence to the person I’m intending saying it to, and then stop myself from saying anything if my words would be inappropriate.

I have prayed many times that God will help me to say the right things in the right situations, and stop me from saying things I shouldn’t say. I am aware of some occasions when I have stopped myself from saying something I shouldn’t, but still too often I am still doing it.

So take a few moments before you speak, to consider whether what you’re about to say will be helpful or hurtful, and if it will be the latter, don’t say it!

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