The Key

A few weeks ago I came across the following which was titled “The Seven Keys to Life“:

  1. God first
  2. Love one another
  3. Never hate
  4. Give generously
  5. Live simply
  6. Forgive quickly
  7. Be kind to everyone

What do you think? I think it’s a good list to follow. After all if we always put God first in our life how can we go wrong!

Did you notice that at number 7 is that word “forgive” again – It seems to have come up a lot in my blog posts this weeks (i.e. in The Power of Forgiveness and Always Forgive?), doesn’t that just show how important it is that we do actually forgive those who hurt us in any way.

So the key to living life is summarised in the seven keys listed above…is it really that easy?

Yes, seven may not seem like much but each one of those items are very difficult to do, particularly all the time. Therefore as with everything in life, we must put our faith and trust in God, and allow Him to help and guide us in life. Keep focusing on God and you’ll find you’re able to succeed at these living life the way God needs and wants you to.


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