Most Embarrassing Moment

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I can think of one or two and I’m sure there are plenty of others, however there is one particular moment which I find still haunts me to this moment.

Of all the daft things I’ve done in my time, I’m not sure why this particular moment sticks out in my memory more than any other.

So first let me build you a picture of the time and situation…I was probably about 19 or 20, so it was a few years ago! It was a Sunday morning and as usual my dad gave me a lift to our Sunday morning meeting…at this time my mum had stopped attending the salvation army for a short time, my dad never attended but still willingly gave me a lift to the hall.

At this particular time I was still attending Rutherglen salvation army however it was while our new hall was being built so we shared church halls with one of our local churches.

At this time I was had been a senior soldier in the salvation army for a year or two, and at that time we were wearing the older style uniform which meant that yes, I was one of those ones who wore the funny hat which we called a bonnet!

…and that’s where my embarrassment started!

Those bonnets had a couple of bows at the side which in order to keep them from getting squashed or flattened when stored, we used to keep rolled up tissue paper in them.

Have you guessed where I’m going with this yet?

Well this particular Sunday morning I remember I was running a little later so was rushing to get ready and get to the hall in time, so I forgot to take the white tissue paper out of the bows in my bonnet!!!

Well fortunately for me I didn’t get too far into the hall before someone told me what I’d done. That didn’t stop my embarrassment of course as I still felt everyone had seen me and everyone was laughing at me…

So there you go that’s my most embarrassing moment. I know it’s maybe no that bad but it was for me, and I still feel mortified by it! I guess that says more about me than about what happened. I’ve always felt as tho I’ve struggled to be accepted and doing stupid things such as this just highlighted that I was (and still am) a quiet n shy individual and gave more reason for others to ridicule me unnecessarily just because I was being me!

Maybe this story explains one of the reasons I was never a great fan of the bonnet, and am so happy we now only wear our bowlers when we’re outside or at funerals!

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