Pro Causa Optima

The title of this blog post is the motto of the Salvation Army band I play in, Bellshill Salvation Army band.

Pro Causa Optima means For the Right Reason.

It’s funny how some things work, as in the last few weeks, I’ve had conversations with a number of people, in various situations and circumstances, where we ended up discussing the decisions and actions taken by other individuals, and whether in fact they were being taken for the right reasons, or simply to try to enhance their own reputation.

This in turn has got me thinking about me, and got me asking myself not for the first time, “Do I blog to get recognition for myself or to spread God‘s message?” and “Do I look after the band’s website for my own glory, or to promote the band, or to promote God’s message through the band and the website?“.

Some tough questions which, if I’m honest, I haven’t always done either of those things for the right reason. However, I do pray regularly that whatever and wherever God needs me, I will do it for His honour and glory, and not for my own selfish reasons.

How about you, is there anything in your life that you may not be doing for the right reason? If there is, take it to God, He can help you refocus your efforts on Him.

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