Decisions and Actions

There were a few things said during our worship yesterday morning, that challenged me and got me thinking. One thing in particular has stuck in my mind and has been nagging at me since then…

We can decide to do something, but it’s not actually the same at doing it!

Yes, I decided a long time ago to follow Jesus, but have I actually put those words into action, by living my life for Jesus?

The majority of the time, yes, I have put those words into action, but what about the times that I fail? Thankfully I know that God sticks by me, and forgives me when I fail Him by not acting as I should. I therefore pray that God will continue to help me to live my life for Jesus, by putting His teachings into action.

How about you, have you decided to follow Jesus? And more importantly, have you put your decisions into action by living your life for Christ? If not it isn’t too late to take action, just turn to God and ask Him to help you, because He will help you.

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