Is God Even Listening?

struggleYesterday in Unsure? I spoke about how we have to be patient during tough times, as God is there and is listening to your prayers. I do understand how difficult that can be in reality, because when you’re struggling you just want your life to turn around and suddenly be great again, and that, I think, is why it’s during these times we often find ourselves questions God, and sometimes even questioning His existence.

However, just as I said yesterday, it’s during these times, where you faith in God must keep us believing in Him because if we keep believing in Him and praying, God will turn your mess into a miracle!

I’ve talked before about how a few years ago, I was in a very dark place, and felt as though God had deserted me, but somehow I kept trying to pray. I kept trying to pray, but often found I was unable to utter a single word, as all I did was cry, but I believe God was with during those days and He knew my deepest thoughts and feelings, and knew what I wanted to pray even though I couldn’t actually find the words to say.

At the time it just felt like God wasn’t there and so felt as though I was lost. However now, looking back, I can see that even during those darkest of times, God was there for me. He wasn’t there for me in the way I wanted, as He didn’t get me through those tough times as quickly as I would have liked, but He did send me someone who helped and supported me during those days.

If I had never faced those dark times, I do not believe my faith would be as strong as it is today, because by facing those tough times with God supporting me, I know now I can face anything because He is with me.

I hope and pray that though you may face difficulties and testing times in life, your faith keeps you strong in the knowledge that God is with you and He is listening to you prayers.


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