Addictions can be terrible things. They can cause pain, grief and suffering to the person with the addition as well as to their family and friends…

Mind you let me throw this in, is that always the case? My comments about addictions causing pain, grief and suffering were in relation to me thinking of such additions as drug, alcohol, smoking, gambling etc.

milkybarBut not all additions cause these feelings and outcomes, for example what about those addicted to computer games, sweets or chocolates etc?

Here’s my confession…I’m addicted to two things which fall into these latter categories, Football Manager and white chocolate Milky Bar!

Yes, I’m addicted to both these things, one of which I’m more in control of than the other, can you guess which one?

Believe it or not I’m actually better at controlling my addiction to Milky Bar white chocolate, as it must be nearly 2 months now since I last had any…though my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

shouting-at-a-computerSo I’m totally addicted to Football Manager! It started of as just a game I played a few times, then I started playing it most days, then every day. Now I’ve got it on my ipad as well as my on my laptop, so I’m never too far from a game anymore!

I’m not as bad as some people I’ve heard of who play all day and all night, but I will happily play for a few hours every day if I can.

How about you, do you have any additions? Are they out of control or have you got your addition under control?

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