New Start

I was recently saddened to hear of someone who was brought up in a Christian family, and considering themselves to be Christian, had now lost their faith, and now professed to be an atheist. What I found particularly sad was that they said they now felt more liberated and more comfortable and happy with their life.

Sadly this person is not alone in thinking that they can have a happier and more fulfilled life without God in their life. There are those who will encourage these beliefs, and will distort the teachings and message provided to us in the Bible. That’s why it’s up to you and me to make sure everyone hears the truth about God, and His love and compassion for everyone, including them.

This is what the Lord says…, Seek me and live. (Amos 5:4)

I believe that life really does begin for us when we are in relationship with God, and we give our all to Him. That’s why I’d urge you, if you haven’t already accepted God into your life, to seek Him today, because He will help you live your life to the full.

Jesus Culture explain in the following video how God will love and help us Forevermore:


  1. Religion is the cause of war, abuse and denial of liberty why would anyone embrace the concept of a deity in the sky who cannot be seen or heard and is conveniently blameless for all the harm that people suffer through hunger and sexual abuse by priests among other suffering. You can keep your god and good luck to you but I’ll stay living a free life without the need to believe in him/her/it.


    1. Sorry you feel the way you do about God, but thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog post.

      For the record, religion is not the cause of war and evil in this world, people are! God does not make people commit atrocious acts of violence and abuse, people make those choices themselves.

      God is not “a deity in the sky” as you put it, but in fact a God who is all around us in every situation. It is however up to each individual person to acknowledge His present, accept our sins and receive forgiveness by allowing Christ into our lives. Then and only then will we live a life full of love and fulfilment.

      I do not need luck to have a great life, nor does anyone else, all we need is God!


  2. Religion should be banned on the grounds it promotes inequality and discrimination in all walks of life. If you are a woman you are welcome to come to church but not be a priest. If you are Gay you are not even welcome through the door.

    It is funny and sad how when it’s a good thing it is Gods work whereas all the bad things are not his fault it is peoples (mans). if the bible is correct did God not make man? Is a priest not a servant of God? therefore any “sins” he commits are in Gods name. When they commit sexual acts on young boys whose name is it in then?

    War in Iraq and Afghanistan based on Islam (Arab) vs God (Christian). Soldiers killed in the name of Allah (aka God).

    The bad news is God is not all around us he is a figment of the imagination for those who need something to believe in.

    Whose God is the real God, , Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Sikh, Buddha, Evangelical, Pentecostal?


    1. Your comments regarding women, gays and church are misinformed, as your statements are not accurate in all churches or religions. e.g. In the Salvation Army we have men and women ministers and they are treated equally.
      You are very choosy about the bits of the bible you “quote” from, as while God made man, man chose to disobey God, and therefore are mans sins not Gods – this applies to all sinful acts.
      I am not going to get into an agreement over any of this, suffice to say, you have read my blog, commented and I have replied to you, and goy you have simply repeated your questions in a different way. My comments remain unchanged – God is real

      My final comment is this – You say “the bad news is God is not all around us”, but that is untrue. In fact the good news is it is never too late to accept God into your life!


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