God Alone

Who knows every little detail about you, better than you do?

Who knows how you feel in every situations before you know yourself?

Who knows everything you will do and when you’ll do it before you even plan it?

God alone!

Who deserves our thanks and adoration for all he does for us?

Who loves us enough to sacrifice his own son just so we could be forgiven of our sins?

God alone!

Who loves us unconditionally regardless of our sins?

God alone!

God and God Alone

God and God alone created all these things we call our own
From the mighty to the small the Glory in them all is God’s and God’s alone   

God and God alone is fit to take the universe’s throne
 Let everything that lives reserve its truest praise for God and God alone

God and God alone reveals the truth of all we call unknown
and the best and worst of man wont change the Master‘s plan it’s God’s and God’s alone

God and God alone will be the joy of our eternal home
He will be our one desire Our hearts will never tire of God’s and God’s alone

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