The Wrong Impression

Yesterday I found myself sitting at table near a group of 4 girls (probably aged 18 or 19), and while that probably doesn’t sound very interesting, you’ll soon understand why they catch my attention!

After a few minutes of sitting just a few tables away from these girls I soon found it impossible to zone out the voice of one of the girls, not just because she seemed to be talking twice as loud as any of the others, but because just about every second word she uttered was an obscenity!

The other girls at the table didn’t seem to notice the foul language coming from their friend, however their language was angelic in comparison to their friend’s.

After a little while the girls went to leave, and this was when I noticed that the girl who was uttering all the obscenities was wearing a long necklace, and hanging from that necklace was a cross of about 6 – 8 cm in length.

Well what a contradiction, wearing the cross of Christ while verbally using His name to curse and swear about everything. If ever someone could give out the wrong impression of a Christian this girl was managing just that. I obviously have no idea whether this young girl claims to be a Christian or not, however if she does, I have to say, she is certainly not giving others the right impression of what it means to be a Christian!

I just pray that wherever I am and whatever I say or do, I am a good example to others of a Christian.

who is listening

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