worship-prayerWhen you have a meeting a work, do you prepare for it?

When you’re going to a party, do you prepare for it?

If you’re going to be taking part in a sporting event, do you train for it?

If you’re playing a musical instrument at a concert, do you practice for it?

I’m sure for all the above situations, you will have said “yes”, because I’m confident in each of the above situations we’d all prepare as much as we could so we would do the best we can.

So taking this into you’re daily life, how do you prepare for each day? Do you prepare for the day ahead? Do you pray? Do you ask God to be at the centre of all you do each day, and to guide you through all you face?

The best we can do to prepare ourselves fully for each day is to pray. We need to make sure that God is at the centre or the heart of all we do. God can help and guide us at times when we are struggling or unsure, but He can also help and guide us in how to be there for others.

So remember to prepare your heart and mind for each day in prayer.

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