Prepare in prayer

Yesterday, I spoke about how we should prepare for each day by praying, but how do you actually prepare for prayer?

Do you simply jump from one task to another, and then straight into prayer, or do you take time to quieten your heart and mind before praying?

Before a musical concert, musicians warm-up and tune their instruments, so in much in same way before praying we should take time to tune our hearts for this concert of prayer. When we tune our hearts to God before we pray, we are in harmony with God, and are ready for him to orchestrate our prayer meeting with Him. God is our audience when we pray, but just like an orchestra, we must listen to our conductor/leader, God. So as well as being ready to talk to God, be ready to listen to what he has to say to as well.

Take time to silently go before the Lord and ask Him to search your heart and point out anything that is displeasing to Him. Then confess it (1 John 1:9) and receive Christ’s cleansing.


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