A new start with God

On Friday in Christmas Every Day, I urged you to put God at the centre of your life this year, however I realise that while that might seem very easy for me, a Christian, to say, it can seem the furthest thing from your mind. It may be that in your past things have happened, or not happened, in your life which have caused you to question God, or even question his existence, or maybe so-called friends who have claimed to be Christians have let you down or acted in a completely un-Christ like manner have caused you to turn from God.

hands reaching to each otherWhatever your past history with or without God in your life, you are still God’s concern, and so He still wants you to turn to Him and give Him your heart, and so He is still reaching out to you to take His hand and follow Him.

Even if you think God deserted you in the past, I can assure you that He did not because God always answers our prayers, maybe not today or tomorrow, or even in the way we wanted Him to, or expected Him to, but He will answer our prayers, and He is always by our side.

I can testify to this in my own life, because there was a time a few years ago when I felt God had deserted me, and so I turned away from Him. I struggled with life, with who I was, and what my future was before I suddenly realised one day that God had answered  the prayers I had voiced for the many months leading up to this time – He hadn’t answered my prayers in the way I expected, but He had answer them, and the fact I am still here today and can testify to God’s love in my life shows He did answer my prayers!

So even if you think God has forgotten you, He hasn’t, just wait for Him, just as He is now waiting for you.

Forget your past relationship with God (or lack of) and make a new start with God today, He is waiting for you now.

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