He remains the same

Posted: January 5, 2015 in life, love, music, New Year, Relationships, religion
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We spend a lot of time each new year considering what our new year resolutions should be, and what we want to change about our lives, but do we consider God in this?

May be we tend to disregard God during these times of deliberation, not intentionally, but simply because we know, regardless of how little or how much we change, God remains just the same.

God loved us before were born and has promised to love us every day we live on his earth, regardless of whether we don’t acknowledge him as Lord, or whether we fail Him. God’s love is unquestioning and will be ours for eternity, so while this new year is a time when we talk about changing our lives for the better, God wants us to love Him, loving us, just the way he did last year and every year prior to that, and will do every year in the future.


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