broken heartI was recently in a room when a window made of toughened glass shattered when someone touched the glass to slide the window closed. The glass shattered into hundreds of pieces and therefore was unrepairable.

This got me thinking about how we each come into contact with lots of people on a daily basis – some we simple pass in a street or corridor; others we interact with in some way. So how does how we interact with others affect their lives, to we encourage them and cheer them, or do our words and actions hurt and upset others making them feel broken and worthless?

I sincerely hope that my words and actions do not hurt and upset others. However I am not perfect, indeed I am far from perfect, as my words and actions on some occasions prove. What I am though is a Christian, someone who is striving to be more like Christ on a daily basis. I do not wish to hurt others, I want to help others, and therefore I pray on a daily basis that God will help me to be more like Christ in all I say and do.

Let’s each ask God today to help us to encourage and cheer others, not hurt or break them.

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