Slogans #10

In the last few months in my previous “Slogans” blog posts, I mentioned how we all see and hear many adverts on a daily basis via advertising hoardings or adverts on the radio, television  magazines and newspapers.

Today again I want to give you some more slogans to see how many of the companies/organisations associated with them you can identify from their slogans?

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Tell ’em about the honey, mummy
  3. In touch with tomorrow
  4. The totally tropical taste
  5. Good to the last drop
  6. Fly the friendly skies
  7. Perpetual spirit
  8. The power of dreams
  9. Don’t be evil
  10. Better sound through research

So that’s the slogans, how many do you think you know?


So here’s the answers…

  1. Chubb
  2. Sugar Puffs
  3. Toshiba
  4. Lilt
  5. Maxwell House
  6. United airlines
  7. Rolex
  8. Honda
  9. Google
  10. Bose

There were a few tricky ones in there, so if you got them all, well done!

I’ll be doing a few more of these in the coming weeks, so keep watching the adverts and remembering the slogans!

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