Dark side

Do you have a dark side to your life? A part of your life which you’re not proud of, which you “hide” from everyone else?

I’m sure many of us have things in our past which we are not proud of, which we have “hidden” from others. Some may hate us, some may have disowned us for what we’ve done in our past. We may be ashamed and sorry for what we’ve done. No matter how we’ve made others feel in the past, we can move on by acknowledging our wrongs and seeking forgiveness from God.

It may not be possible to seek forgiveness from the person we upset or hurt; the person concerned may not be willing to forgive is; however we can still find forgiveness by confessing our sin to God. He alone can offer us full forgiveness, so bring your past sins out of your past and ask God to forgive you, this way you can get rid of your dark side.

Give Him All the Pieces by Celebr8 reminds us we need to give our all to God:

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