We live in a time where so many use social media on a daily basis to share with their friends everything that they do and feel. When I say “share with their friends”, I use the word “friend” loosely, as so many have people in their friends-list who are not their friends, as they have never actually met them or spoken to them, some will have “friends” who are simply just strangers who have no-one and nothing in common with them, who have sent them a friend request.

unfriendWhether you are one of these people who send/accept friend requests to/from people you don’t know, or whether you only send/accept friend requests to/from people you know, I’m sure we’ve all at some point or another “unfriended” someone on social media.

How easy it is to throw away a virtual friendship, as simply by clicking one button we can delete someone from our friends list. I don’t know about you, but I actually find that quite sad, even although many of these friendships may simply distant acquaintances, it’s still quite sad that it’s so easy to delete someone from your life.

I’m just glad my friendship with God doesn’t have a delete button, as regardless of my flaws and my failures, He still wants to be my friend. God has sent each of us a friend request, the question is have you accepted His friend request or have you rejected His friend request?

A word of warning, even if you deleted God’s friend request or rejected it, He has automatically sent you another friend request, and He will continue to do so  until you accept Him into your life.


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