Posted: May 15, 2015 in blogging, faith, friendship, life, music, Relationships, religion
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Following on from yesterday’s blog post Unfriend, I’d like to remind you how much of a privilege we should consider it to be to have friends, regardless of whether they are friends we have actually met or spoken to , or simply those we’ve connected with on-line because of common interests or mutual friends.

There are so many people in this world who are alone, or feel alone, and would love to have just one true friend. That’s when it seems so ridiculous that some just send and accept friend requests with everyone and anyone they see or hear of, just so they can say they have more “friends” than the next person.

Personally I’d rather just have one true friend that I can trust and rely on, than hundreds of others who don’t know me from the next person. I am pleased to say I have that one faithful friend, as I have the privilege of having a personal relationships with my best friend, God. Have you had the privilege of knowing Him?

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