It can be difficult to accept when our friends and family either to do give God their heart and their life, or they claim God does not even exist. In these circumstances we should not give up on them, in fact we must not give up on them, because no matter how unlikely we think it is that they will be saved, it can happen, and it does happen right up until they take their last breath.

So keep praying for them because prayer works

Your prayer for someone may or may not change them, but it always changes YOU ~ Craig Groeschel

You may wonder why prayer will change you, even if it doesn’t change them – Well to be honest I don’t know how the thoughts of the original writer, but I believe it changes us because in my experience we pray more and more for our friends/family members to find God, because we want them to know the same love and peace that we know.

So always pray for those who have not given their lives to God, because not only might they find God, but our prayer life and our relationship with God will flourish!

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