Friendships – true or false

All friendships are forever friendships – FALSE

True friends never hurt you – TRUE

Friendships can become close friendships over many years – TRUE

True friends don’t need to see or speak to one another regularly to remain good friends – TRUE

Friends never disagree – FALSE

Broken friendships can be mended – TRUE


Everything about friendships cannot be defined in statements which has a simply True or False answer to them. Why, because we’re all individuals and therefore how we interact with others, including our friends and family, is all very individual to us.

There are however some things about friendships which we can be certain about, and the statements at the start of this blog post, are just a few of them. Just remember, it is possible to find true friendships, and it’s possible to rebuild broken relationships with others back into true friendships.

So regardless of whether you think all relationships can be defined by standard statements or not, remember relationships and true friendships are built on trust, love and understanding, all of which each person must exude.

Friendships can be forever, but that doesn’t just happen, w need to work at them.

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