Have you noticed there is a theme to my posts this week? Hopefully if you’ve been reading all my posts this week you will have noticed that my theme has been putting God first.

life is unshaeable when God is first

I loved this picture as soon as I saw it. It reminded me of a conversation I had with someone recently – they told me it was amazing how I kept going with all that’s going on in my life just now, and when I told them I didn’t know how I did it, they told me they knew how I managed it…

I hadn’t really thought about it prior to this, but I knew exactly what they meant when they said that…I am in no doubt that God has given me the strength and help to get me through some very difficult and challenging times over the last number of years.

God has to be number one in our lives if we hope to ever not just survive what life throws our way, but grow spiritually through the storms of life which threaten to shake us.

Be unshakeable, put God first in your life.

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