Did you know it was the Salvation Army’s 150th birthday this last week?

To celebrate their birthday, from 1st to 5th July 2015, the Salvation Army are holding celebratory meetings from 1st to 5th July at the O2 in London, under the theme Boundless.

Boundless 2015

Thousands of Salvationists from many countries, from different backgrounds and speaking different languages, have come to London to take part in/attend these celebratory meetings. Many of the sessions are being streamed live on-line so that those who cannot attend in person, can still be part of the celebrations by viewing on-line. Everyone has also been encouraged to post comments on social media with the hashtag #boundless2015.

So after 150 years of history the Salvation Army is still going strong, that’s amazing isn’t? Each and every one of those who have gathered in London for the celebrations, or who have watched on-line, are part of that history, and every single person who has ever attended a meeting/service,  a social event or lunch club organised by the Salvation Army, or been helped by a member of the Salvation Army, are all part of the Salvation Army’s 150 year history because all these things have been done under God’s guidance and direction.

For me, I’ve not been able to go to London for the celebrations, and so far have not been able to watch any of the events on-line live, but I have read a lot of the comment son social media, and it sounds like everyone is having a fabulous and blessed time. I’m disappointed not to have been able to share in the celebrations myself, but I am pleased to have been, and continuing to be, just a small part of the Salvation Army’s history, past, present and future.

In closing I just want to leave with you an extract from the Boundless 2015 website :

It is our sincere prayer that at the conclusion of our five days together in the East End of London, that every Salvationist – regardless of what language they speak or in which corner of the earth they serve – would make the words of the Founder’s Song their heart’s prayer and their life’s anthem:

And now, hallelujah, the rest of my days;
Shall gladly be spent in promoting his praise.
Who opened his bosom to pour out this sea;
Of Boundless salvation for you and for me.

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