Posted: July 22, 2015 in blogging, life, love, music, Relationships, religion
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Yesterday in Up To Date, I talked about whether an older hymn was still relevant today. This in turn got me thinking about whether in fact the society we live in actually still thinks God is relevant today.

Well I think many in society are trying their hardest to make us all believe that God is irrelevant today, however I personally think God is as relevant today as he has ever been.

Whether we agree in or not, God has not changed, and our need for Him remains constant. Our bodies have spiritual needs that sadly we as a society have neglected for far to long. Just as our bodies need food and water, we need to feed our spiritual souls too, or they will starve. If we don’t eat or drink we can be sure we will die. Similarly if we do not feed our spiritual needs we starve ourselves of God’s love.

How much worse is it when we don’t even realize we are starving ourselves of God’s love?

Let’s make sure our community does not starve itself of God’s love, by spreading God’s message of love through our community.

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