Make someone’s Christmas

What is Christmas Day like in your house?

I guess for those who have children Christmas Day probably means an extra early rise, as the children will be so excited to see what Santa has left for them. How about the rest of the day? Do you have a full household, or go and spend the day with others in your family…maybe you actually have Christmas twice as you spend some of the time with your family and the rest with your partner’s family.

I’m sure you’ve created an image in your head by now of what you think (and hope!) your Christmas Day will be like – Did it resemble any of those Christmas Day’s I’ve just described?

Sadly those images of Christmas Day couldn’t be further from how some will spend Christmas Day, as for many it can be a very difficult time as they will spend Christmas Day either by themselves, or will spend the day thinking of past Christmases spent with loved ones who have passed away or who have moved away.

Do you know anyone who may be on their own this Christmas or who will find Christmas Day particularly difficult because a loved ne has recently passed away? I know Christmas Day can be a very hectic day for many of us, however can I ask that you take a few minutes out of your busy Christmas Day to either phone or pop and see someone you know who may be lonely this Christmas and therefore finding it extra difficult. By doing this you really could quite literally make someone’s Christmas!

christmas alone

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