Weather warnings

Have you noticed that we seem to be getting a lot more warnings of extreme weather coming our way than we used to get? It used to be that only on a very rare occasion did we get a weather warning of extreme winds, rain and/or snow, but now it seems to be at least once nearly every week!

extreme weather

I guess none of us like extreme weather, particularly if we have to go out it in, but is there any particular weather you dislike, or are even a little bit frightened of?

For me it’s gale force winds I dislike. I don’t mind rain and snow, though obviously I’d rather we didn’t get rain or snow, but I really do not like when it’s very windy. I’m not entirely sure what it is about windy weather that makes me uncomfortable, but I think it’s just because at any time anything can be blown in any direction and cause damage and injury to buildings, cars and people. So I guess it’s the not knowing what’s about to happen that I dislike about windy weather.

When I consider this I realise this really shouldn’t surprise me, as I am quite an organised person and so like to have everything planned out so I get no surprises – In other words I like to avoid unplanned/unexpected situations in my work and home life, so why would I not dislike it in weather conditions!

extreme snow Boston

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