We all go through times in our lives when, for one reason or another, people who are a big part of our lives are no longer there, maybe because they’ve moved away, our relationship with them has broken down or they have passed away. Whatever the reason for them no longer being part of your live, you miss them.

Have you ever wondered whether they miss you as much as you miss them?

It shouldn’t just be when people are miles away from us that we miss them, what about your neighbour next door, your friend round the corner, your work colleague who’s been off work for a few days, a member of your church family who’s been absent for a few weeks, your local shopkeeper whose shop has been closed for a few days?

If we don’t tell people we miss them, how will they ever feel needed, how will they ever feel part of your community?

Everyone likes to feel needed. Everyone likes to know they’ve been missed.

Everyone needs to feel needed. Everyone needs to know they’ve been missed.

Thankfully there is one person who always notices when we’re missing, and misses us, God.

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