Today is the letter “E”

Posted: July 16, 2016 in Health, holiday, life, Relationships
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End of a holiday.

End of long lies and late nights.

End of relaxation time and quality time together.

end of holidaysEach time I think about going back to work on Monday I wish I’d taken a second week off!

Even wishing the alarm clock will not go when it’s supposed to on Monday morning…but don’t tell anyone at work!

Each day off, like every other, has had its positives and negatives.

Every day there are reminders of being an outsider, on our own, and not part of any “groups”.

Every day there are reminders of those no longer here, and things we now wish we’d said or done, but it’s now too late.

Each day brings new challenges, and Monday will be another challenge…the first of which will be getting up in time to get to work again.

Even on Monday, there will be challenges, not just those associate with work, but simply further reminders of out being an outsider, it’s just part of every day life…

End of my time off.

End of my holiday.

Enter my “normality”…


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