Just what I needed

Posted: July 17, 2016 in bereavement, death, depression, family, life, love, music, Relationships, religion
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I had a strange experience earlier, which when i tell you about it, you’ll either think I’m mad (or maybe confirm to you that I’m mad!) or you’ll think it was a lovely thing to experience. So where do I start to explain this…

As you may know my Mum passed away last year and a few months later we moved to my Mum’s house. I’ve struggled a lot since my Mum passed away particularly since she passed away just over 2 years after my Dad. As part of moving to my Mum and Dad’s house we had the task of going through things in the house and sorting out some of the things we definitely want to keep as well as deciding on and some we don’t. Some of the things of Mum’s that we have kept were some of the towels as some were almost new and had hardly been used.

This morning when I got up I had my usual shower and afterwards I pulled my towel round me and as I did so I realised the fresh towels I’d put out last night were some of my Mum’s. As arms of loveI stood there with the towel wrapped round me I had the feeling of my Mum holding me tight in her arms…I crumbled…the tears streamed down my face, I was unable to move.

Many of you will think this was all just part of my imagination, but for me, I believe even although my Mum and Dad are no longer here with me, they are still watching over me, and Mum knew I needed a hug today, just as she’s known every other day.

Mum and Dad I love you and I miss you both so very much. I just want others to know and see the huge inspiration you were to me and how much you influence and me and moulded me into the person I am today. I just hope I make you proud.

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