Everyone is different; Everyone has different hopes and dreams; Everyone reacts differently to every situation and feels different emotions.

Just as we are all different, so are the reasons people feel lonely.

Some go through their life constantly feeling lonely – A loneliness that doesn’t seem to be related to any other events or circumstances. Why some people feel lonely and others don’t, is difficult to determine but here are a few circumstances/reasons that may contribute to their feelings of loneliness:

  • They have no self-esteem and lack confidence.
  • They don’t like themselves so feel no-one else can like them either.
  • They may feel that when they were a child, they weren’t loved, and therefore when they become adults they continue to feel alone and unloved in all relationships

i hate feeling aloneWhen people feel lonely they may cut themselves off from friends/family and may stop socialising or attending gathering whether they will be forced to face many people, so that they don’t have to face a world of people they feel unconnected to.

Others may react completely differently, and can try to avoid being on their own, by always trying to have someone in their company, so they are not on their own. They can even make a point of , and will seek out other people to avoid having to face their own company.

If you find you are hiding away from others, avoiding social activities, please remember that you are not the only one who feels like this, many others feel the same way. There are understanding people and organisations that you can talk to. They can help you overcome these feelings of loneliness so you can get back to getting on with your life.

Get living!

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