“not deserving respect or attention”

We hear people saying they are unworthy of receiving awards; or a particular person is unworthy of our trust; or when feeling depressed, people feel unworthy and weak. ~ These are just a few examples of when the word ‘unworthy’ is used.

Personally when I think of the word ‘unworthy’ it’s normally in relation to God. Not because  think God is unworthy of my trust and my love, but the complete opposite – While He is completely worthy of my trust and love, I in contrast, feel I am completely unworthy of His love and care. God gave so much for me, but what have I given Him in return?

I try each day to be the person God wants me to be, but I know continually disappoint Him. However I know God doesn’t give up on me, so with that assurance I know He will continue to help me.

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