People v vehicles

It used to be that when pedestrians wanted to cross a road that had no pedestrian crossing or zebra crossing, they would stop at the edge of the pavement, look both ways and only then if there was no traffic coming, would they then walk across the road.

I’ve found recently that while most still do this, there are an increasing number of people who when waning to cross less busy side roads, will:

  • not bother to stop at the edge of the pavement and check for on-coming vehicles, and just step out onto the roads without looking; or
  • stop at the edge of the pavement, look both ways for on-coming traffic, but even if there are vehicles coming, they still start walking across the road at normal or leisurely speed so vehicles have to slow down to avoid hitting them.

What is it about a car coming towards you at 30 mph or less, that makes a person think it’s ok, they’ll slow down and won’t hit me. From my own experience the people who now seem to be ignoring cars coming towards them are those in their teenage years through to mid twenties.

Drivers have always had to be responsible for being in control of their vehicle to ensure they do not hit anything or anyone, but we used to get help from pedestrians, as they used to attempt to look after themselves by not intentionally walking across a road when a car or vehicle was coming towards them.

I have no idea why this seems to be an increasing problem, but it does strike me as just another thing where there’s a lack of respect towards other people. In other words it seems they feel it’s the driver’s responsibility not to hit them, and that it’s not their fault if they cause the driver a problem!

Come on folks, take care of yourself by crossing the road responsibly, and not just walking out onto the road when a vehicle is coming towards you!

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