Christmas viewing

When I was younger, I remember always looking forward to the Christmas season for many reasons: time with family, presents, remembering the birth of Jesus and of course Christmas TV.

Maybe it’s just my imagination now, but the programmes on TV then were so much better than they are these days. I remember there being lots of Christmas specials of all the favourite TV shows, very few repeats, and lots of great Christmas films.

That is definitely not what we have had this Christmas is it? There have been so many repeats of old Christmas shows which now look so dated, loads of animation films that don’t relate to the Christmas season at all, and when it comes to the soaps, they certainly haven’t been particularly cheery once again!


I have to say that, for us, this Christmas has been one of the worst for TV that we can ever remember – we’ve struggled to find any more than just a few great Christmas films or new Christmas specials.

So how do you rate this year’s Christmas TV?

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