A Christmas star

When I went into our spare bedroom the other night, I didn’t put the bedroom light on – I often go into the room without putting the light on, as the curtains are normally left open. The back of our house backs onto the houses on the street behind our, and when I looked out the window that night, something caught my attention – a Christmas decoration, star twinkling brightly attached to a garage of a house on the street behind ours.

This is not the best video of the star as I couldn’t zoom in as close as I would have liked but hopefully you’ll still see it ok.

This may not seem like much to you, but as soon as I saw it, I immediately wondered if those who had put up the star on their garage had done so to signify the humble place Christ was born.

I wonder how the homeowners would feel if they woke up on Christmas morning and found a young women in their garage who had just given birth to a baby boy. That would be really something unbelievable wouldn’t it? Yes, I know my thoughts are unlikely to be reality, but It did remind me that just as Christ was born in a humble stable, so we can give our lives to Him wherever we are, whatever the time.

There’s no need to be in church when you give your heart to God. It doesn’t need to be a Sunday, a day of worship when you give your life to God. You don’t even need to be kneeling or with anyone, when you give your all to God. All you need to be is His!

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