Santa and Jesus

This Christmas Eve like every other Christmas Eve, children around the world will be eagerly looking forward tomorrow, Christmas Day, to see what gifts Santa has brought them. In the last few weeks I’ve blogged about the real reason we celebrate Christmas, so I wonder, is it ok to celebrate Jesus and Santa this Christmas time?

Well a couple of years ago I came across a prayer from Santa which I thought showed we can celebrate Christmas with Jesus and Santa. I make no apology for sharing this prayer with you again this Christmas, as it’s a beautiful prayer which reminds us of the true reason for Christmas and highlights the differences between Santa and Jesus. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


My dear precious Jesus, I did not mean to take your place,
I only bring toys and things and you bring love and grace.
People give me lists of wishes and hope that they came true;
But you hear prayers of the heart and promise your will to do.
Children try to be good and not to cry when I am coming to town;
But you love them unconditionally and that love will abound.
I leave only a bag of toys and temporary joy for a season;
But you leave a heart of love, full of purpose and reasons.
I have a lot of believers and what one might call fame;
But I never healed the blind or tried to help the lame.
I have rosy cheeks and a voice full of laughter;
But no nail—scarred hands or a promise of the hereafter.
You may find several of me in town or at a mall;
But there is only one omnipotent you, to answer a sinner’s call.
And so, my dear precious Jesus, I kneel here to pray;
To worship and adore you on this, your holy birthday.

As we celebrate tomorrow with all our gifts from Santa, remember Jesus is the real reason we celebrate Christmas, so take a few moments in your busy day to kneel before Jesus, to worship and adore Him, on his birthday!


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