Shut out the world

Have you ever felt like you just want to take a break from life, from the world?

If you have, you’re not alone, as many find life gets too much for them. For some it’s a build up of many seemingly smaller events that together just make life seem overwhelming. While for others it can be one particular event that makes everything seem too much.

If you find yourself feeling like that, what do you do? Do you lock your windows and doors, shut the curtains, pull the duvet over your head and just ‘shut out the world’, or do you keep trying to live your life?

I’m not going to tell you what is the right thing to do when you feel like that, as everyone of us deal with, and handles difficult times in different ways, and what works best for one person, will not work for another. So what I want to say is, when you feel like life is getting too much for you, do what is best for you. The only things I can assure you is good, is talking to someone about how you feel – It doesn’t need to be someone in your family, it doesn’t need to be a friend, in fact it doesn’t even need to be someone you know, as there are many organisations out there who have trained people who know how to listen and offer you supportive and constructive help, without judging you.

So if you feel you need to ‘shut out the world’ do what you need to do to help yourself, even if that means not leaving your house from a few days, and being ‘offline’, but I would encourage you to talk to someone you trust about how you feel, because the most important thing is you realise you are not alone in feeling like this.

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