Causes of depression

I came across the about picture a couple of days ago, and wanted to share it with you, as it reinforces the message I’ve been sharing with you of the last few days about mental health illness and depression.

I’ve found myself that those who understand how you really feel when you suffer from depression, tend to be those who have been there themselves. That’s obviously not always the case, but sadly from experience in talking to others, this has been their experience too.

All I ask is, if you haven’t ever sugared from a mental health illness, or depression, you have a read of the above information, as you could be the person who one day needs to be there to support a friend or family member. Understand what may cause depression, and be ready to recognise those signs and symptoms in someone you know or yourself, because if you do, you may quite literally save a life.


    1. I am not medically qualified to comment on any medications. However I do know that when you read the ‘possible side-effects’ of any medication there will be some elements which may affect a small minority of people who take the drug. That said, it is my understanding that most people who suffer from depression, suffer from it because of at least one of the reasons listed in my blog post, and in addition, many who suffer from depression as a result of a medication they are prescribed, do so because the low mood caused by the medication has highlighted underlying things going on in their life.

      The blog post is simply written from my own experience, and from the experiences of others (including medical professionals) who I have spoken with. It is not meant as a definitive list of reason why people suffer from depression, as I’m no medical professional, and everyone is different. I know that some of the medications you listed do not cause everyone who takes them to suffer from depression.

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      1. Ok you obviously don’t agree with me that medical professionals know best about medications and drugs. I can only assume you have had a bad experience with them. Believe me though when I say there are many thousands of very competent medical professional around, and because of them, many people have been helped or successfully treated for illnesses that would otherwise have killed them.

        I can only talk from my own experiences so I for one put my trust in my medical professionals, after all they have gone through years of medical training which I haven’t, so I’m more inclined to trust their diagnosis than mine which would only be done via the internet, and we all know we can’t trust everything we read on the internet, don’t we?!

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      2. This is just not me!

        You tell me that a doctor with a patient taking 16 meds really knows the side effects of those meds and possible negative interactions.

        The doctors sees you for 10 to 15 minutes, the whole time looking at your chart to find out who you are and what’s your problems could be!

        Insufficient kidneys caused by the interaction of a statin drug and Tricor! Indentified only because that doctor had noted it in his practice.

        My wife had bleeding all over her body for two years requiring bandages in many cases. Doctors including dermatologist had no answer. She was so upset, I went and searched the Web based on symptoms and discover it was


  1. Vitamin C deficiency… It was completely cured in two days using supplements. And this is just for starters.

    My son-in-law in the hospital with Diabetes Insipidus given intravenously feeding of water with meds! His problem is he retains water and this could have killed. My daughter told them ‘what in the hell are you doing?’

    The hospital doctors had a meeting and apologized for this oversight! In was
    On his chart!


    1. I’m sorry to hear about the problems you have faced, however to me, you now appear to be says that all doctors are unable to do their job, and that I definitely cannot agree with. As I’ve said before medical professionals are those who we should be able to trust to help us and our loved ones in times of need, so if you have any concerns about the care you have received get a second opinion from another doctor – there are many fabulous health care professions out there, who help and treat people daily.
      Ultimately my blog post was just a post to raise some awareness of things to look for to help people highlight that they or a friend or relative may be suffering from depression, so your comments don’t really seem to be about my original post other than initially listing some medications. I am sorry about the problems you and your family have faced but I am not in a position to comment on the medical care they have received as again, I am not medically qualified.

      Your experience with health professionals is certainly not one I can relate to. So I hope you find the care and help you and your family need.

      Wishing you good mental health.

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      1. I don’t have a dog in the fight!

        Many people comment in a similar manner about doctor’s mainly just prescribing meds to treat symptoms and don’t address the cause. Neighbors, friends, family and more!

        We are ranked 27th in quality of health care worldwide by the WHO. In terms of life expectancy we are 43!

        There are many great and caring doctor’s. But a lot that are arrogant and such. I have other doctor posts that even doctor’s have commented on in a similar manner as me.


      2. Not sure how you’re exoecting me to reply to your comment as to be honedt I’m unclear what point you’re trying to make. You’ve already questioned meds causing depressuon but as I’ve said several times I’m not a medical professional and would certainly akway put my trust in my health service rather than anything I may find on Google.

        You need to find a doctor who you are happy with as that seems to be your underlying comment here. I wish you well.

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