Improved version

During a conversation with a colleague a few days ago, I found myself trying to remember a quote I had read a while ago, which talked about not being perfect, but being a better version of the person we used to be.

Having tried to find a reference to this quote somewhere, but failing, I struck gold a couple of days ago when the blog post I wrote at the time, came up in my memories!

So here’s the quote I was trying to remember

I’m not a great example of Christianity but I am a much improved version of who I used to be.

I know I have many faults and flaws, but I do try my best on a daily basis to be more like the Jesus. I ask God on a daily basis to help and guide me so I can become a better person, and a better example of Christ.

I still don’t know where I originally found this quote, but it’s just as relevant and true today as it was a few years ago when I first used this quote in a blog post.

I know I have a long way to go to be a great example of Christianity, but I am just as committed today to improve as a Christian, as I have always been.

I pray today that God will continue to help me live my life in a more Christ-like way. As I strive to improve as a person I know God will help me improve as a Christian also. So I pray that others will see more and more of Christ in me through my words and actions.

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