A week of change

I never imagined I would ever be in living in a time where I am told not to go into the office for at least the next 12 weeks. Well that is exactly what I was told earlier this week! This doesn’t mean I am not working, it simply means I’m now working from home full-time until further notice.

In many ways working from home full-time could be seen as a positive

  • I no longer need to get into the office early so I can get parked.
  • I can wear whatever i want while I working (within reason of course, especially if I have a video call).
  • I can be more flexible about my working hours.
  • I can get put several loads of washing on while I’m working.

However there are definitely some disadvantages – the main one being the lack of human interaction which we normally get being in an office full of people. So we must take measures to ensure that while looking after our health by working from home, we don’t negatively impact our mental health.

There are off course things we can do to help look after our mental health while we’re working from home and/or self-isolating. There is help and advice on many websites about this – here’s the info on the BBC website.

This week has been a change for me, but for many the end of this week is the start of monumental changes in their daily life, as today all UK schools closed because of the coronavirus. When they will reopen, no0one knows at present, it may be a few weeks, but it could be months. So for those with children of school or nursery age, their normal lives will be turned upside down, and their daily routine will be changed forever.

So in a week of changes, as you work out your new ‘normal’ make sure you look after you physical health, and also your mental health.

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