Do people not get it?

I like many others have been shocked and frustrated with those who blatantly ignore the government and health advice during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The shops/supermarkets are continually telling us they do have supplies, the issue for them has been keeping up with the unprecedented demand for specific things. Again, reiterating that there is no shortage, just a difficultly in getting the supplies to the stores and shelves as quickly as needed. To this end many supermarkets have now restricted the number of items of certain goods, that can be bought in a single transactions both in-store and online. Many are also hiring staff to help get supplies to their stores and shelves as quickly as possible.

Then there’s those who ignore the advice to self-isolate because they are in the ‘at risk’ category of having serious issues if they were to contract this virus. Some seem to think there’s no way they will get the virus or have serious side-effects, but let be honest, they are wrong! We don’t know who is going to get ill, or exactly how they will be affected, so take the government and health organisation advice and stay home if you’re in the ‘at risk’ category or you have any of the coronavirus symptoms – While you may be fine, you may pass on the virus to someone for whom this may be extremely serious.

Our world has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. Our freedom of movement has been limited. Our working life has been turned upside down. Our schools are shut and our NHS is struggling to cope. Our church life has had to be rethought’ and our family lives have changed forever as well.

Despite all that, if we follow the government and health authority guidelines, we can beat this virus, but we need everyone to do their part.

Keep safe and well.

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