We are the church

Our church buildings may be closed. Our Sunday services and weekly activities may be cancelled, but the church is still open. That may seem like a contradiction, but church isn’t the building, it is the people.

Church isn’t the building…it is the people.

Without a church building there is still a church, because God still exists and we still believe.

So in these days of social distancing and isolation, God is still available for conversation, because we can still pray. And because we can still pray in these most difficult days, we must pray. Never have we needed to pray more than we do in these uncertain days. We may not know what new measures twill be put in place to try to combat the spread COVID-19 and we may not know what our future lives will look like, but God knows.

So as a church of God’s people let’s pray for our world, those affected by COVID-19 either because of illness or their work. But most of all let’s pray for our government and health authorities, that they will make informed decisions that will get our nation through these days of uncertainty as quickly as possible, while still ensuring we contain this virus to as few people as possible.

One comment

  1. A great reminder to us all. Just cause we can’t gather in our church to worship must to stop us taking the church to others.
    God bless


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