2 metres

Social distancing means keeping a minimum of 2 metres away from others who do not live in your household. Why is this so difficult for people to understand and adhere to?

I’ve been annoyed and frustrated when out for my daily walk, or gone to our local shops to get some essential groceries, by many people who just simply ignore the 2 metre social distancing directive. I just don’t get why people don’t want to follow these instructions – it’s as if they either think they are immune to Coronavirus, don’t understand how deadly it is, don’t know how far 2 metres actually is, or they simply don’t care!

There’s actually been several times when I’ve been walking along with no-one within 20 metres of me, other than the odd person across the road from me – When the person(s) at the other side of the road have either run or walked across the road and joined the pavement at my side of the road with in a metre or two of where I am! Come on folks, you have the whole street to cross the road, but for some inexplicable reason you decide to cross the road and end up with a metre or two of me – Why?

I’ve also had comments made to me when I’ve taken last minute evasive action to avoid ending up being within two metres of them. When asked if I think they’re contagious as there was plenty of space on the pavement to pass them I have pointed out that they may be carrying the virus, even if they have no symptoms, and point out that even if they haven’t we’ve still been directed to keep at least 2 metres away from others, and I’m simply following that guidance, as they should too. This has resulted in me being sworn at, told not to overreact, and told there’s nothing wrong with them so they can’t possibly have Coronavirus!

As for those who treat social distancing as if it’s a holiday and go to beaches, parks, nature trails etc, meet their friends and family who don’t live with them, gather in groups and just generally act as they would normally – What can I say?

I just don’t get it, are all these folks not watching the news? Do they think social distancing rules have been put in place just to make life difficult for us? Do they think they and their love ones are immune from the virus and therefore these rules don’t apply to them?

The sad thing is, I suspect the only thing that may may these people realise the impact their actions may have on the those they come into contact with, is if someone in their own family or a friend becomes very ill or dies from Coronavirus – I know that’s extreme, and I certainly hope and pray that does not happen to them.

Maybe we need to shock these people into realising the seriousness of the situation, not just by telling them numbers, but by actually showing them how seriously ill some people become when they catch Coronavirus, or getting those who have been serious ill with the virus but who have recovered, telling their story, including all the details of just how awful the virus is.

I just hope and pray the message about social distancing gets through to everyone, and everyone adheres to the rules, so that we can beat this virus.

We can only do this if we stay at home, and when we have to out for essentials, we stay at least 2 metres from everyone.

Just to finish on a lighter note. For those who need some guidance on how far 2 metres is, Sandi Toksvig posted the following on twitter as few days ago.

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